CORINTHIAN BLOCKS CRYSTAL AWARD. *Wave decorated piece: Pate De Verre

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E2889S, E2889L
12.00 LBS
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Crystal beveled block with an added architectural element.

Pate de Verre as a material, is a 24-percent lead crystal paste made from specially produced batches of granular crystal. The creation of items in pate de verre through the "lost-wax" technique is a very complex and time consuming process requiring abundant skills. The result after the successful application of these skills are true works of art, possessing an unique translucency, texture and substance, which cannot be achieved with blown glass or molded glass. *US Copyrighted

Crystal Dimensions:
Small:  7-3/8" x 4-5/8" x 1-1/2"
Large:  9 H x 5 3.4" W x 2" D

Packaging: Fabric lined presentation box.

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